To all of our global PACOM Partners and Customers, who I may have not yet met, I want to introduce myself. My name is Bill Hobbs and I joined the PACOM team in July 2018 as the Vice President of Global Sales. With 40+ years in the security industry I am delighted to join such a fine organization as PACOM and am excited about our future together. As we approach the end of the year, I am pleased to have this opportunity to reach out to you all to report on the status of our business.

First it is important to note that any business is an empty shell without the valued customers and employees who are the heartbeat of the organization and we must always make time to say ‘Thank You’ for your business. In my short tenure to date here at PACOM I have found a loyal and incredibly dedicated team who want nothing but the best for our customers, partners, and their fellow team members. This one trait that all of the PACOM team share is the reason why PACOM has been and will continue to be a success and a leader in the security industry. We appreciate the support and patronage our Partners and customers provide and thank you to the PACOM team for your dedication to top notch customer service.

All around the globe we have exciting new opportunities and customers who are anxious to deploy our products. While we are focused on delivering superior customer service, we also are investing heavily in engineering and adding resources to the other areas of the business where we may need additional support. Our Product Management and Engineering teams have spent the past few weeks developing a road-map for product enhancements and innovations that I hope to be able to share with you all soon. I have had a sneak peek and I assure you the future looks bright!

I am, as always, conscious of the awesome responsibility we have for the safety of our customers and the security of their businesses and assets. This responsibility can only be shouldered by a dedicated team of professionals like the employees of PACOM. As we work to optimize our resources and people, we are always looking for ways to bring talented individuals into the business. One such recent success is the addition of Andrew Griffith to the team as the Global Director Sales Engineering. Many, if not most of you, will remember Andrew from his past roles in PACOM and I am sure you all are as excited as I am about having him back on the team. Welcome home Andrew.

The Holidays are upon us now and this is a time to offer thanks for all our blessings and for one another. As for myself, I count the opportunity to be a part of this legendary business as another of the greatest blessings of my career and, on behalf of the entire PACOM team, I extend our warm wishes to you all and to your families for a safe and happy Holiday Season. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!