The latest roll-out is made in Angered Hospital in Gothenburg, which has chosen PACOM Unison to secure their facility. Unison will collect and display information from access control, alarm, fire, video and intercom on a single user interface from which the system automatically can act on different events and prevent unwanted events from happening.

“We can observe that more and more hospitals and healthcare facilities are recognizing the great value of having a superior security management platform which provides smart integration with a variety of third-party systems and is independent of the manufacturer’s hardware. Unison has already been chosen by, among others, the French university hospital CHRU in Besançon and the New Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. We are honoured that Angered Hospital also has recognized the added value that Unison will bring to their operations”, said Hakan Bjorkman, Director of Sales at PACOM in the Nordic region.

For Angered Hospital it was important to invest in an open security solution with the ability to handle high visitor traffic without affecting the facility network. The system needed to be flexible and provide the ability to easily control access to all areas, both limited areas where greater security is required and public spaces where people move during the day. It was also important to use graphics in the system to cope with incidents and reset alarms.

“We know that Unison meets the above requirements and much more, so we are delighted that so many large hospitals, including Angered, see the potential with Unison. This continues to spur our efforts to develop and improve Unison further to meet more needs in the healthcare vertical. Unison’s openness in terms of both integration capabilities and a strong distributor network signals the confidence our customers value when looking for a solution”, Hakan continues.

Angered Hospital is a new hospital provided for residents in Angered and eastern Gothenburg. The hospital provides specialized care for the local community. The delivery of the security solution for this project has previously been carried out by Imtech Electrics AB Region Safety now Confidence Security Sweden AB, who took over the operations on 1 February 2015.

Keep your patients, staff, visitors and assets safe with PACOM’s hospital security.

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