New Karolinska Solna is the project name for a brand new, modern university hospital, with Skanska as the general contractor. In order to meet the demands of future medical care and research, the project has chosen a concept where the patient is the focus. This is immediately apparent by the commitment to patient-, visitor-, and staff safety. PACOM Unison has been chosen to be the basis for all security management in terms of access control, alarm, video – and intercom management.

The hospital’s approximately 4,500 doors, over 25,000 detectors, cameras and intercoms will be managed from the open, integrated and independent security platform Unison.

“Unison has been an obvious choice for many hospitals, mainly due to the openness of the system, making it completely independent of the manufacturer´s hardware. This allows the platform to be integrated with a wide range of known system suppliers with whom Unison has deep integrations. Unison´s user-friendliness and smart functions such as the automatic upload of configuration data and smart AutoCAD linking makes the system very effective in these types of extensive installations”, said Stefan Engman, Project manager at Skanska Installation AB.

Hospitals often have physical security features such as access control, alarm, video, and HR system. As long as these are treated as separate systems, it is difficult to get an overview of all the information coming from these systems. This in turn leads to a higher risk that you can not act on an event in the most efficient manner and operational inefficiencies may arise. PACOM Unison collects all information on one platform and provides an overview of ongoing activities which results in the right action being taken.

“PACOM has a deliberate strategy to understand the hospital sector. We have thoroughly surveyed the needs and challenges that healthcare is facing when it comes to security and adapted our security thereafter. Today we see the results of this when several large hospitals, both in Sweden and internationally, have recognized how well Unison meets their needs and chosen to implement the integrated platform. The fact that New Karolinska Solna project has chosen to install Unison is for us a proof that the hospital really values patient-, visitor- and employee safety, “said Håkan Björkman, Sales Manager at PACOM Nordics.

The delivery of the security solution for this project is performed by STANLEY Security, who has many years of experience and expertise within installation, commissioning and technical maintenance.

Keep your patients, staff, visitors and assets safe with PACOM’s hospital security.

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