U.S. Bank manage and monitor their security access in-house using PACOM single interface security solution

■ 40,000 EMPLOYEES
■ 2,383 BRANCHES
■ 1 CARD

When upgrading their security card access system, US Bank were challenged with finding a solution that could be centrally managed and monitored while making it possible for their employees across 24 states to enter all corporate facilities with a single security access card.

As the sixth largest financial holding company in North America and with over $204 billion in assets, US Bank also required a sophisticated disaster recovery function.

According to Security Systems Manager at US Bank, Ms. Rose Szczech, the bank was keen to apply efficient, cutting-edge technology to meet their specific requirements, while still allowing for improved management and operational efficiencies.

“Our previous work with PACOM had highlighted their ability to adapt to our needs and provide a solution that gave us functionality and reliability, while still integrating with our other existing systems,” said Ms. Szczech.

In addition to providing intrusion capabilities to all their branches, PACOM’s solution enabled U.S. Bank to manage and monitor their security access in-house and produce access cards for all employees from the one central location.

“Using PACOM’s unique Graphical Management System (GMS), we are able to manage and monitor all security access across the US and Canada including our corporate facilities, government lock boxes and the 2,383 branches that we operate,” said Ms. Szczech.

“This not only saves us operational time and money, but extends our reporting capability substantially and provides our security team with greater flexibility and responsiveness at critical times.”

PACOM’s state-of-the-art disaster recovery technology was deployed and a sophisticated tailor-made interface was originally developed to ensure the new system worked seamlessly across U.S. Bank’s internal data network.

“We had several challenges to address and required an organization like PACOM who could adapt their technology to our unique situation,” said Ms. Szczech.

PACOM’s security solution has resulted in significant savings for US Bank

“PACOM has provided a system which saves on operator time and equipment expense while ensuring increased efficiency and reliability for our security team,” said Ms. Sczcech.

“We have worked with PACOM for over 10 years and they have consistently delivered security solutions for us that have been innovative while maintaining complete reliability and flexibility.”

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