Hancock Whitney Corporation Standardizes on PACOM GMS Multi-site Security Platform

PACOM Systems, which designs, develops, and manufactures industry-leading security platforms for enterprise multi-site and campus environments today announced that Hancock Whitney Corporation continues to roll out the PACOM GMS security management platform to their growing number of bank financial centers and ATMs.

Hancock Whitney Corporation (Nasdaq: HWC) operates bank offices and financial centers in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, offering comprehensive financial products and services, including traditional and online banking; commercial and small business banking; private banking; trust and investment services; healthcare banking; certain insurance services; and mortgage services.

PACOM’s relationship began with Hancock Bank in Mississippi and, after Hancock’s acquisition of Louisiana-based Whitney Bank in 2011, blossomed further still. Currently, the PACOM GMS software platform manages card access and intrusion monitoring at 258 locations and growing. Hancock Whitney does all its own 24/7/365 alarm monitoring from a central location in Gulfport, MS. There are also two company data centers monitored and protected by PACOM GMS.

GMS is a robust multi-site security management platform, providing integration between access control, intrusion, video, intercom and virtually any building management or security solution. Designed to manage thousands of locations simultaneously through a single interface, while providing industry-leading availability and redundancy. GMS meets end-user demands for a multi-site security system with multiple integrations.

“One of the biggest advantages of the PACOM system,” commented Al Tapper, CPP, Manager, Bank Protective Services for Hancock Whitney Corporation, “is it’s all-inclusive with integrated card access and alarms. We have our entire company on a single, integrated platform. We do our own alarm monitoring, which is a big plus because we can immediately verify what is going on in any of our financial centers.”

Tapper continued, “One of our banking acquisitions had two third-party monitoring companies. It was one false alarm after another. That’s dangerous, and it can be quite expensive. With PACOM and self-monitoring, we avoid that. The PACOM system also helps with disaster recovery. We can see what’s going on in our financial centers and know if our alarms are working.”

Hancock Whitney has launched another phase to its company-wide security platform:  video integration. When an alarm goes off in any branch, the central monitoring station will automatically be able to see events associated with that alarm. Eventually, all branches and ATMs will have video monitoring with a number of integrated cameras at each location.

The system currently provides access to more than 5,000 cardholders with varying levels of access privileges. Alarm protocols are in place for each location, with Tapper and his team managing and monitoring the system. “PACOM helps us adapt the system to our changing needs; and when we provide feedback, PACOM listens and will consistently respond directly to that feedback, said Tapper.”



PACOM Systems designs, develops and manufactures industry-leading security platforms for enterprise multi-site and campus environments integrating hardware and software into a single solution. With more than 36 years of experience and a proven track record of innovation across different sectors and geographies, PACOM protects vital assets and makes security management easier.  Operating on a global basis, PACOM has offices in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Sweden.

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