PACOM SYSTEMS® are pleased to announce the 8002 Intelligent Field Controller and associated devices have been awarded EN50131 Grade 4 approval – the highest European standard for intruder alarm security and signalling.

The EN50131 Standard uses the concept of security grades to classify Intrusion and Hold-up Alarm Systems (I&HAS) based upon the level of risk. Grade 1 is the lowest tier and represents environments in which intruders are expected to have a low knowledge of intruder alarm systems and there is a low risk of theft. A Grade 4 system, at the other end of scale, is where security takes precedence over all other factors. At this level intruders are expected to have the ability and resources to plan a burglary in advance and have the knowledge and equipment to alter part of the intruder alarm system to avoid detection.

Grade 4 compliance indicates that PACOM has met the demanding requirements of the EN50131 Standard. The 8002 Controller is now certified for the highest risk environments which can include banking and finance, military, transport, government, education and healthcare applications.

“This is a significant milestone for PACOM” stated Andrew Minnikin, Global Sales Director for PACOM. “We are extremely proud to be one of the very few companies globally to have achieved EN50131 Grade 4 and we look forward to providing this elevated level of security to our customers.”

The PACOM 8002 is an integrated access and alarm controller that delivers an all-in-one building platform that integrates functionality required for a remote security system. Its modular architecture makes the 8002 Controller simple to install and configure, as well as expand and integrate as future security needs require. As an alarm system, the 8002 Controller supports up to 32 alarm areas and 256 alarm zones. The 8002 controller can operate stand-alone for smaller projects or as part of a fully integrated alarm and access control system for larger buildings or multi-site applications.

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