Real-Time Employee Mustering

The Pacom GMS real-time employee mustering module enables authorized operators to see who is in and who is out of a site. A log lists all cardholders who have entered and/or exited via nominated readers.

Any reader can be designated as an entry or exit reader. When a cardholder presents their card to an entry reader, the GMS Mustering screen will log them as “IN”. Similarly, their status will be change to “OUT” when they leave via the exit reader.

The cardholder’s status is updated in real-time so operators know immediately if someone is inside or outside of a specific area. This can be useful for emergency situations. There is a print button conveniently located on the same screen so a muster report can be generated immediately.

Employee Mustering Benefits

  • Automated site mustering and evacuation management; provides rapid threat analysis in a real emergency and rapid evacuation during drills
  • Achieves greater visibility of, and better manage access for employees, visitors and contractors.
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) compliance and on-the-fly safety reminders based on employee location
  •  Receive more accurate, real-time missing persons and location information for improved situational awareness during the most critical moments of emergency response.
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