Creating More Efficient, More Reliable Data Centers

The demand for safe and reliable provision of data storage is increasing on a global scale. Security is a critical matter for any data center security operator to ensure the integrity and functionality of data storage systems.

PACOM know that in data centers, security is a necessity, downtime is simply not an option. We’ve helped data center security around the world by providing integrated security solutions that meet their requirements and complete their projects on time and within budget. PACOM has a long history in integrating third-party facilities control and automation, and we’re putting that experience to work by implementing, running and maintaining efficient and secure data centers.

PACOM brings your information, communications, controls and computing systems on a single integrated platform. PACOM can help you optimize the efficiency of your data center. Our data center solutions integrate seamlessly with third-party products and systems for greater flexibility and better results, even on retrofit projects. And because the separate systems will be coming together under PACOM integrated platform, you can count on it being secure and scalable. You’ll be prepared for what you need to control today, and you’ll be ready to respond quickly to unforeseen events.

Rather than looking at each of the systems in your facility as independent elements, PACOM delivers access control, security alarms and notifications, surveillance monitoring, and building automation into a single, remotely-accessible system for your facility.

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