A Single System Solution that Allows for Legacy Products

PACOM has been providing remote access control security solutions to governments around the world for the past 30 years. Customers range from police agencies, prisons and defense installations to workplace relations and community service departments. Some of these organizations manage up to 100 sites remotely.

PACOM delivers a single system solution that allows for legacy installed products to continue to be used meaning that customers in the government sector can continue to use their existing products and technologies but bring them into the one central system for management and monitoring purposes.

PACOM can also be managed from anywhere on the customer’s existing IT network.


PACOM’s powerful GMS (Graphical Management System) software allows customers within government sectors a remote, real-time, at-a-glance control of all installations and corporate offices. A single keystroke can change PIN codes and users, print access cards, centrally configure individual alarm panels and remotely broadcast upgrades and changes eliminating the need for site visits.

Users can also:

  • verify alarm events immediately with integrated digital video capabilities
    search and report easily on one specific site or event or generate customized reports from thousands of sites – and do all of this from anywhere on the network
  • GMS is entirely flexible to the needs of each client situation and for each individual site easily accommodating past investments into hardware and components.

Best of all GMS eliminates significant costs meaning that customers can expect a return on investment (ROI) within two years. PACOM achieves this by using the customer’s internal IP network with no requirement for dedicated telephone lines. Remote management greatly reduces the need for site visits and allows the customer to manage the system internally, removing the operational cost of external management contracts.

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