Advanced Security Tools for Challenging Times: License Plate Recognition

Advanced Security Tools for Challenging Times: License Plate Recognition
Cesar Gonzalez, Key Account Manager, US National Accounts, and Director Sales for LATAM, PACOM

In these challenging times of social isolation, distancing, and other disruptions, we are seeing a large number of businesses that have to close or greatly modify their operations. These businesses are looking for ways to increase the security of their locations, and License Plate Recognition technology can play a significant role in improving their security environment.

Today, LP recognition technologies have advanced algorithms that allow you to capture alphanumeric images and convert them into text that can be used for different applications, ranging from just keeping a data record to interacting with a data system access control to allowing/denying access to specific vehicles. These advanced algorithms first identify where the license plate is located and then they “take” the plate characters using OCR technologies, enabling the system to make autonomous decisions, in some cases without needing a human operator to read the Information.

Companies can collect data from those entering their businesses and keep a record for product delivery trucks. Shopping centers can record vehicle plates that have entered and exited their facilities. Parking facilities can automate their systems and keep more efficient control of the vehicles accessing their location. Hospitals and health centers, colleges and universities and residential complexes, among others, can benefit from this technology, but it’s certainly not limited to these verticals. Cities can automate their toll systems and Amber alert notifications. Other uses include assistance to police departments to control thousands of license plates on a patrol route and facilitating better vehicle fleet control and traffic management.

The same OCR technology could also read the identifying markers of cargo containers and, in combination with license plate reading for trucks, logistics companies, distribution centers, seaports, railway stations, we can automate the process of cargo and vehicle control. Also, when it comes to controlling cargo logistics, we can add contactless access control capabilities, thereby managing access for all manner of transport vehicles without any human interaction—social distancing for trucks!

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