PACOM to preview VIGIL CORE – its next generation integrated cloud-based security and business management platform at ISC West 2024

PACOM, a leading provider of access control and integrated security management solutions, will preview VIGIL CORE, its next generation cutting edge cloud-based platform at ISC West 2024. This solution is a centrally controlled integrated security management platform that is intelligent, user friendly and highly cost effective and will prove to be a great fit for customers with single sites, hundreds of sites or large campus environments.

The culmination of a significant program of research and development, the solution has been designed to redefine what’s possible in seamless security integration management, without any legacy restrictions, utilizing existing in-house and 3rd party products on the cloud.

It also extends its functionality beyond security by acting as an interface with the internet of things (IoT). By accessing, storing and processing data from the smart IoT sensors found in intrusion detection, access control, audio, video and building management systems, it is able to deliver valuable business intelligence, operational insights and efficiencies.

For the VAR community VIGIL CORE provides cost-effective SaaS deployment, enabling them to elevate their businesses by creating long-standing relationships with their customers and protecting their recurring monthly revenues. The simplicity of the platform eliminates the need for a complex server infrastructure and specialized skills to configure on-prem servers, leading to cost savings in installation time and staff training.

By offering more than just security, it provides complete control over the entire building services ecosystem and can scale up and down as required. It provides existing PACOM users with an opportunity to migrate to the solution quickly and easily via a sustainable upgrade path that can be implemented based on the client’s schedule. This makes it perfect for applications such as banking and finance, as well as other verticals such as logistics and warehousing, commercial, cell towers, critical infrastructure and multi-site retail locations.

The cloud is having a huge impact on the security industry, with end users now able to harness the power, flexibility and functionality it facilitates. This solution is fully cloud enabled and a fully customizable dashboard can be accessed via any internet connected desktop PC or smartphone. Users can view live and playback video from cloud cameras, bookmark cameras for quick and easy access from the main dashboard, check camera health status, set profiles and permissions, assign credentials, set rules, export footage clips, and arm or disarm devices – anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It can also be set-up as a purely on-premise solution or even in a hybrid configuration that offers the best of both worlds.

“We’re tremendously excited about the next generation of PACOM and its ability to integrate a variety of building services over one integrated security management platform,” said Matt Alford, PACOM’s VP of Sales, North America. “PACOM is working to lead the way in the design, manufacture and installation of cutting-edge security systems and we are looking forward to welcoming visitors to our booth so we can explain more about how we are able to transform the operational effectiveness of a diverse range of built environments.”

For further information, please visit the PACOM booth #23059 at ISC West or connect with us at


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