Remote Monitoring Is Of Paramount Importance

While the origin of the saying “May you live in interesting times” is uncertain, there is no doubt that we are living in those interesting times today. It is the human condition that uncertainty breeds misinformation, and we are seeing that on a global scale today with the COVID-19 virus. As we continue to adopt positive “social distancing” policies such as cancelling events and requiring businesses to close, we also need to be especially vigilant about our physical security strategies.

Buildings that were regularly occupied are now left without the daily activity that helps deter criminal behavior and vandalism. Remote monitoring of a facility with video surveillance remote viewing apps and alarm notifications are now of paramount importance. A forensic view of what happened yesterday or last week is of zero value in deterring criminal activity; instead, real-time notification and response are critical to successfully preventing damage and loss to our valuable assets.

A quick review of your physical security needs and plans is most definitely in order today, including how your premises are monitored. Professional alarm monitoring services are always the most effective solution, but for some the costs are prohibitive. A solid alternative is to augment your security plans by ensuring that all your physical security systems provide real-time remote monitoring and alarm notification. By checking in several times a day via a remote app and using security solutions that pro-actively provide notifications of abnormal activity, you are employing the most cost-effective ways to protect your property and assets.

Today’s best video surveillance solutions include analytics that are designed to trigger an alarm when a pre-defined activity is detected. In this way, you are always on the lookout for loiterers and people attempting to enter secure areas of your business without having to constantly monitor the video. Some systems also provide “push notifications” direct to a mobile device when a security breech is detected, assuring that you are always in the know when it comes to the security of your assets.

High value assets and properties can be further secured by using advanced intrusion detection and monitoring solutions such as Impact Audio Detection. The primary goal of any Physical Security solution is to detect and deter non-authorized access to your facility. Thermal Detection sensors tied to a video surveillance and intrusion detection system provide 24-hour protection in all types of weather. All of the solutions described above can prove essential to securing your world in these “Interesting Times.”


Bill Hobbs,
Vice President of Global Sales

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