Two Door Controller

The PACOM 1076 two door controller is a dual card reader access control interface designed specifically to operate with PACOM controllers and security management software. It also provides redundancy operation (“degraded mode” operation) should the door controller become offline to the system in that it either stores the last used access cards or is programmed to allow access based on access card facility code only.

The 1076 provides a hard-wired interface connection for two independent access control devices using standard Wiegand or magnetic stripe formats.

Each reader port provides four end-of-line (EOL) supervised inputs (door status, egress, strike monitor and one spare), and two relay outputs. The 1076 communicates via multi-drop RS485 port to various PACOM controllers. The number of PACOM 1076 modules that can be connected depends upon the capacity and configuration of the PACOM controller.


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