Access Control

PACOM GMS integrates proven and reliable access control technologies to the satisfaction of large global customers, gaining widespread acceptance by corporate IT managers.

GMS can support a virtually unlimited number of cardholders and has the flexibility to allow areas as well as cards to be defined with specific security levels. In the case of an emergency, real-time mustering makes it possible to keep track of exactly who is in the building and security levels can be changed only to allow cards with a particular security level to be granted access.

Easy functionality, the ability to perform a search against any criteria and efficient bulk updating of cardholders make administration easy and saves time.

The integrated video badging module enables authorised operators to quickly capture cardholder photographs and signatures, and print personalized access cards.

Advanced Capabilities:

  • Database partitioning to restrict operators to viewing cardholder data and generating reports only on locations, cardholders and other items to which they have access
  • Dual card authentication to access high security areas
  • Custom report generation
  • Live photo capture using a USB camera or import cardholder photos
  • Integration with Elevator Management Systems and Destination Dispatch Systems
  • Intelligent door interlocking to control the entry of personnel to secure areas
  • People and vehicle counting applications
  • Validation module to enforce compliance of specific card data entered by GMS operators to meet specific customer defined rules
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