Email Interface enables security personnel to be notified when when an alarm input or output changes status

Notification of status change of the PACOM System can now be easily received using the PACOM GMS Email Interface. Using the innovative and easily configured Email Interface, Security personnel can be notified when they are not in front of the GMS. The email Interface can be configured to email Security Personnel when an alarm input or output changes state. An email can also be sent out if a hardware device goes offline.

When reports are automatically generated in GMS, the Email Interface can email the reports in either Portable Document Format (PDF), or as a Microsoft Excel (XLS) file. Emails can also be sent out automatically from the GMS Email Interface based on Card Access Events, such as Card Blocked messages at a particular door.

The GMS Email Interface allows the user to create unlimited Email Templates, and with the ability to use variables, a standard template can be used across multiple points and sites. GMS Email Interface seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Exchange, and when combined with a portable email solution (such as Smart Phone), Security Personnel can be notified virtually anywhere in the world.

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