PACOM GMS integrates different Intercom Systems

PACOM GMS integrates a range of different intercom systems into its management system. GMS allows system operators to respond to calls, perform actions and monitor the status of the entire intercom system while, at the same time, leaving the intercom system to handle the task for which it was primarily designed – audio communications, providing a very powerful and completely integrated security environment.

GMS includes an intuitive Intercom Manager which allows all intercom call requests to be prioritised and queued. When a call request is received, it is added to the Intercom Manager and the intercom icon on the site map will change color to reflect its status and a sound file can be played. When the call is selected by a GMS operator, it remains within the call list of the Intercom Manager on his/her workstation, but is removed from the list on all other workstations.

Specific actions can be performed automatically when receiving or responding to intercom calls. For example, when an intercom call is made or an operator responds, it may trigger the lights to switch on or even live video to be displayed on the GMS Workstation.

The GMS Intercom Module has been designed to be as flexible as possible, and it uses scripts to allow a multitude of actions to be programmed to suit any security environment.

Efficiencies can be gained by linking the intercom systems with GMS access control. When a card reader is associated with an intercom unit, the access control decision can be transferred to the GMS operator. This allows the operator to quickly, easily and remotely to allow or deny access through the door.

PACOM GMS supports the following intercom systems:

  • Jacques IP Communications System  – provides a reliable communication solution to the workplace. With PACOM GMS‘ security management software, a Jacques’ system can integrate to a building’s existing CCTV or access control system to provide customers with a secure security management platform. Video entrance intercoms allow for building access for visitors and allow calling to within the building where access can be granted. Carpark Help Point Units, fire stair and lift intercoms ensure help is available at the push of a button. Jacques IP PA system allows for a building to be divided into zones, so an announcement can be made to a specific floor or an evacuation alarm can be broadcast to the entire building.
  • Vingtor-Stentofon Intercoms by Zenitel Group – uses secure and exceptionally intelligible SIP end-devices to provide solutions in IP intercom, video intercom, emergency communications and public address. Integrated into our PACOM GMS security management platform provides seamless interoperability with access control, video surveillance management, and telephone switching and voice-over-IP systems around the world.
  • Commend Intercom solutions – for Intercom transmissions, Commend has developed a specific technology: IoIP®; short for “Intercom over IP” that provides better speech quality and higher data security. This serves for the professional integration of Intercom stations, control and display functions, networking of Intercom Servers, and especially for security and communication solutions.
  • TOA Intercom System –  is an integrated audio communication system that employs packet audio technology over the IP network to achieve fast, accurate communication with optimal security and reliability. Partnered with the PACOM GMS platform System there are a number of key applications from conversation, paging broadcasting and BGM broadcasting to emergency paging and broadcasting, audio triggering and other security functions. Users can select between two communication modes according to their needs: Master-to-Master station communication for duplex conversation at factories, hospitals and various other facilities; or Master-to-Sub station communication for use by institutions such as schools or prisons. The system frequency response extends to 7 kHz, enabling reliable transmission of a full range of emergency communications, including clear, easily understandable PA announcements.
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