Video Badging

PACOM GMS video badging enables authorised operators to capture, import, and display images from within the standard PACOM GMS cardholder window. Once enabled, any GMS server or workstation can quickly and easily capture cardholder photographs and signatures and print a personalised access card.

Successful badging ID card implementations deliver flexible staff, visitor and contractor accessibility through visual security. Also important is their ability to support sustainability initiatives on campus through such capabilities as wasteless ID card lamination and eco-friendly card printers.

Businesses can greatly enhance security and safety by going beyond staff credentials to also deploy visitor management systems that enable them to know the identity of each person on each campus site. Today’s visitor management systems allow for the check-in, check-out, and tracking of all site visitors. Administrators can quickly and easily flag those who either shouldn’t be on site or need to be handled differently than other visitors.

Calculating the benefits of PACOM GMS video badging solutions can be done from both a technology and business perspective. The cloud provides site managers full visibility and control like they have never previously enjoyed by allowing them to pick the time and place to capture and transmit; doing it from multiple or one central location if they choose.


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