Immediately access to video in response to an event and can be configured to activate on any alarm or access control event

PACOM GMS is a smart security management platform that provides the perfect surveillance and video verification solution with its ability to intelligently interface with many leading IP cameras, DVRs and VMS systems.

PACOM GMS video management, adds video surveillance to access control, intruder alarm and messaging to provide a complete integrated security solution that deters crime, ensures security 24/7, and enables the monitoring of multiple areas from a single location.

With this integration, operators have immediate access to video streams in response to an event or alarm from any GMS workstation. Live video streams allow operators to visually validate a threat, significantly reducing the incidence of false alarms. Camera icons can be added to GMS interactive site maps and linked to the cameras on site. Operators simply click on a camera icon to view live video from the related camera on site. If the cameras have PTZ capabilities, operators can use on-screen PTZ controls to move or reposition the camera, adjusting the view as required.

Operators can also view recorded videos when ‘actioning’ events from a GMS workstation or when reviewing the
Transaction Manager. Clicking on the status message or event displays the recorded footage synchronized with the time of the event.

PACOM GMS Video Integration builds on your security solution:

  • Allows remote monitoring
  • Provides video streams for real-time alerts
  • Records video and saves for future reference
  • Supports scalability, unlimited cameras can be configured
  • Drives consistency in security policies

Some of the most common GMS video integration functions include:

  • Receiving video-related alarms at the GMS workstation such as video loss, low HDD space, and motion detection
  • Recall recorded video directly from the Transaction Manager by double-clicking on the event
  • Display live video by clicking on an icon in a graphical site map
  • Streaming live video (on demand) to the GMS workstation by clicking an interactive camera icon
  • Automatic live or recorded video display when activating events
  • Tagging the events in the transaction log that have associated video
  • Retrieving video by clicking an event in the transaction log
  • Manual PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) camera control from within the GMS workstation
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