Alarm Management

Unison is designed to provide easy management of alarm systems for all kinds of businesses offering  flexibility and ease of use.

Unison cleverly acts as a “bridge” between intrusion alarm controllers and other sub-systems. When an alarm is triggered, the Unison software will indicate where the alarm originated.  Alarms can be displayed on interactive floor plans identifying their precise location and audible signals generated at the workstation uniquely identifying the type of alarm triggered.

Unison makes it possible for the operator to reset the device which initiated the alarm as well as to perform a wide variety of other remote functions.

Easy functionality and efficient bulk programming makes administration easy and saves time.

PACOM partners with Inovonics’ wireless intrusion detection and mobile duress (panic). Inovonics’ line of EchoStream® wireless intrusion detection devices and mobile duress (panic) buttons are designed with today’s applications in mind. Supporting installations with thousands of security devices across a campus, the EchoStream family of pendant transmitters, universal transmitters, motion detectors and add-on receivers can connect to virtually any security system.

Unique to Inovonics is the high-power repeater mesh that intelligently amplifies transmissions from EchoStream transmitters. Providing coverage in all types of building construction, thus eliminating the need for labour associated with wired installs.

The Inovonics’ network integrates with both PACOM’s Unison and GMS security platforms. The Inovonics network is scalable to cover areas from square feet to acres, providing coverage for large commercial buildings as well as multi-building campuses. Inovonics provides wireless intrusion detection to government facilities, critical infrastructure facilities, schools and universities, banks, hospitals, and retail establishments.

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