Easily manage alarm system for all kinds of businesses

Unison is a market leading platform with the ability to link various vendors’ alarm systems. Unison uses the latest technology and offers a powerful and user friendly solution that suits all types of businesses and organizations.

PACOM Unison is designed to provide easily managed alarm systems for all kinds of businesses. This makes Unison a suitable solution for organizations and customers with high demands on flexibility and ease.

Unison cleverly acts as a “bridge” between sub-systems. When an alarm is triggered, the Unison software will indicate where the alarm originated. Unison can send out information about the alarm via SMS or e-mail. Alarms can be displayed on graphical floor plans and audible signals can be generated at the workstation to uniquely identify the type of alarm via multi-media. Unison can be easily programmed to send messages to the user via SMS or e-mail. Reports created in Unison can easily be sent via email.


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