Sentrion Duo – 2 Door Access Control and Burglar Alarm Controller

Sentrion Duo is an 2 door access control and burglar alarm controller with direct connection of two card reader (OSDPv1 / v2), 8 inputs and 5 outputs. In addition, up to 9 DSS devices can be connected via RS485.

The door access control device can be connected, via Ethernet, to the superior management system / security software. Sentrion Duo supports it touchscreen-based DSS Touch control panel.

Sentrion Duo contains very powerful fitting features, burglar alarm features and condition-controlled action programming. All Features are well integrated with each other. Sentrion Duo can be managed and configured via built-in web interface or superior system. Well configured, Sentrion Duo is completely autonomous and operates independently of parent system.



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