Alarm Monitoring of all events on a single user interface

The alarm monitoring application within PACOM GMS provides a real-time status summary of all events on a single user interface. Alarms are sorted and displayed according to priority, and the graphical colour-coded format gives PACOM GMS operators an excellent overview of the status of the entire system to ensure that events are actioned appropriately.

Operator instructions are displayed automatically and can be complemented with video and graphics from add-ons like Google Maps, Microsoft MapPoint and Bing Maps which greatly enhances the operator’s awareness and ability to action an alarm.

GMS’ unique Summary Manager provides a real-time status summary of all remote facilities on a single user interface. Each location is depicted as a colour-coded square that indicates the real-time status of the hardware devices. Operators can point-n-click on any icon representing a remote facility, and “drill down” into a graphical site map that depicts the dynamic status of each device.

PACOM partners with Inovonics’ line of wireless intrusion detection and panic button devices, powered by EchoStream wireless technology.

With installations ranging from single alarm transmitters to thousands of security devices across a campus, the EchoStream family of pendant transmitters, universal transmitters, motion detectors, environmental sensors, and add-on receivers can connect to virtually any security system.

The high-power repeater intelligently amplifies transmission from any EchoStream series transmitter offering ultimate flexibility to cover large campuses or overcome difficult wireless environments. Inovonics EchoStream is a radio platform that provides wireless security applications for commercial customers. It delivers outstanding reliability, range and battery life that meets the security industry’s needs today and well into the future because of its flexibility and network capabilities.

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