Intercom Systems

When screening visitors important, PACOM partners with best-in-class intercom system manufacturers that integrate seamlessly into our Unison security software. PACOM Unison is designed to provide easy management of intercom systems to all kinds of businesses offering customers flexibility and ease of use.

Businesses that have restricted visiting hours to their site such as children nurseries, schools, or hospital departments/ wards, Unison supports multiple intercom systems and brings them together in a single unified user interface. Calls can be queued so that they can be answered in a logical and efficient manner. The status of each intercom device is monitored and presented on interactive graphical maps making it easy to identify the location of the call.

If an access-controlled door has been associated with an intercom station, the operator can manually unlock to provide an additional layer of authentication.

Easy functionality and efficient bulk programming makes administration easy and saves time.

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