I/O Expansion

In order for you to grow your alarm management and increase the capacity of your current solution we offer a range of I/O expansion cards. These are easily connected to the main alarm and access controller.


The PACOM 8501 Input/output Card is an IP device that enables intrusion detection using your existing Ethernet network. The PACOM 8501 provides a native connection for up to 16 supervised alarm inputs, 2 relay driven outputs and 3 general purpose open collector type outputs. In addition to these on-board connections the capacity of the 8501 can be easily expanded by accommodating up to 2 PACOM 8000 series expansion cards.
PACOM 8501 input output card

This flexibility means that the 8501 can be tailored to meet a wider range of applications. The 8501 has also been specifically engineered so that it can be conveniently installed in any location rated for a 3U rack mount device.

PACOM 8501 INPUT/OUTPUT CARD is currently available on the following markets:

Europe (excluding Nordics)
Middle East

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