Three Decades of Experience in Managing Access Control and Banking Security

PACOM is focused on delivering banking security to many of the world’s leading financial organizations. PACOM has helped them to manage their security effectively through periods of huge societal and technological change.

The cornerstone of everything that PACOM delivers is reliability – an assurance that our customers’ bank security systems continue to operate as planned through critical events, regardless of the environment.

ATM Security

Criminal attacks at and around ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) and liability for injuries suffered by customers make ATM security a serious concern for all banking and financial institutions. A further area of vulnerability is unauthorized interaction with the ATM unit.

PACOM’s ATM monitoring caters to all types of ATM applications ranging from commercial, free-standing units to through-the-wall units within dedicated secure rooms.

Specific PACOM solutions include:

  • Automatic detection of low light levels. PACOM monitors light levels around ATMs and initiates a service call if there is insufficient light to protect customer safety and video quality from associated cameras.
  • Service technician authentication. Servicing ATM machines presents an increased risk of violent crime and financial loss. PACOM protects against this risk by reporting on service activities in real-time. This could be as simple as entering a PIN on a local keypad, or a more sophisticated process involving a remote operator using a combination of video and audio before remotely disarming the ATM.

PACOM also provides its bank security customers with false alarm reduction and vault and safe lock integration.


PACOM’s powerful GMS (Graphical Management System) software allows banking and financial customers remote, real-time, at-a-glance control of all branches, ATMs and corporate offices.

A single keystroke can change PIN codes and users, print access cards, centrally configure individual alarm panels and remotely broadcast upgrades and changes eliminating the need for site visits.

Users can also:

  • verify alarm events immediately with integrated digital video capabilities
  • search and report easily on one specific site or event or generate customized reports from thousands of sites – and do all of this from anywhere on the network.

GMS is entirely flexible to the needs of each client situation easily accommodating past investments into hardware and components.

Best of all GMS eliminates significant costs meaning that customers can expect a return on investment (ROI) within two years. PACOM achieves this by using the customer’s internal IP network with no requirement for dedicated telephone lines. Remote management greatly reduces the need for site visits and allows the customer to manage the system internally, removing the operational cost of external management contracts.

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