Service, Support & Resources at PACOM Systems

Have a question? Our knowledgeable team of experts are here to help. PACOM Systems is committed to providing the best service and support.

Ongoing, long-term support is key to us because we believe that in today’s world, simply selling products is not enough.

Our commitment to customer service starts at production, and continues through assembly, shipment, delivery and installation and on into the maintenance programs we offer. PACOM offers an after-sales service known as PACOM Professional Services.

As part of Professional Services, PACOM offers a customer care program. Our goal is to deliver tailor-made service solutions to ensure the end users can be confident that their system is maintained on a high level, providing optimal security, peace of mind, success, and pride. With Professional Services, PACOM offers a range of service and support programs that are matched to a spectrum of requirements, systems, and budgets.

Speaking your language

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, professional experience to suit you. Just as with Professional Services, our Product Specialists are experts in the systems you own. And the range of security expertise at your disposal is ideally matched to your needs, whether they be in banking, education, healthcare or infrastructure.

So when you talk to somebody within our Customer Care team, you know you are talking to a technical expert that understands your work.