Unison – Integrated Campus Security Management

PACOM Unison provides customers with an unparalleled graphical user interface for managing all of their security and building needs in one easy to use solution. This includes management for intrusion detection, access control, fire systems, video management and verification, intercom management, building controls, and the management of keys and assets. All the information that Unison collects is presented in a single place allowing customers to act in a fast, responsive manner to different types of events and making it easy to compile detailed reports and statistics. Unison’s open architecture provides customers with the choice of which hardware and applications to use – irrespective of manufacturer and enables them to integrate and consolidate past investments into a modern management platform. Unison further enables subsystems to be linked via intelligent macros defining what, how and when a specific event or command is activated. Unison offers full support for virtualization, database clustering and replication and its advanced design ensures that its core engine and device drivers can be rapidly developed in line with new market technologies.


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